Who I am

Since my childhood and adolescence, painting pictures and that Writing short stories a kind of expression for me. If I then wanted to study art, said my parents, “child do something Sensible ”. To cut a long story short, I was doing something “reasonable”, im Sense of my parents. As a graduate social worker and as a spcial Advisor for Traumapaedagigic and in training for children and Adolescent psychotherapist one can assume that in the classical Sense something has “become of me”. And or anyway, I’m Mo, too Freelance artist!

My art, my painting, designing and writing have accompanied me all my life and now or in spite of the fact that I am also something “reasonable” now, the freelance artist is also a strong part of me and is allowed to work. Inspired by my work with children and Young people, the artist in me is pushing herself more and more into the foreground. It’s not that I don’t enjoy working with children and young people, but part of me was always looking for a different way to express my experiences there. .

For countless years I have been working with children and adolescents with and without trauma who have suffered severe psychological / physical violence. These injuries have left deep marks on them and often caused them to perceive themselves as ineffective or have caused them to cut their connection with the inner world of emotions. Kids who, due to their external living conditions, have forgotten to listen to their feelings, to perceive their self-efficacy and have forgotten to know themselves. Only when I know who I am, what I feel, see, hear and taste, when I can trust my perception, can I be self-effective. Only if my work is successful can I develop into a self-determined adult as a child and adolescent.

The painting of pictures, the creation of works of art represent a possibility to regain access to the emotional world, to get to know oneself and to find new forms of expression for oneself. This represents one of the most central points in the self-efficacy experience of children and adolescents. Children and adolescents must find their options for what should not be said, can be said. Only in this way do they have the chance to establish a connection between inside and outside.

The children and adolescents I speak of often find themselves ineffective because of their many injuries, and all of their efforts are or appear to be ineffective. In this way they lose, bit by bit, access to themselves and in the end they no longer know what is feeling, whether they still feel and can no longer express their feelings, so that colors, shapes, painting, designing are often here can be used as a mediator between inside and outside, between experience and lost, suppressed feelings.

This was and is always a concern of mine in my work as a social worker, dream-centered consultant and PiA (child and adolescent psychotherapist in training) and has always been the engine for my own images. The processing of what I have experienced, seen, the horrors that I experience every day in my work, always needed a form of expression in me that I have found in my art.

Over the years I have refined my techniques from my early days, worked hard on myself to find my very own form of expression, my very own art style. For me, my art is always my own confrontation with the topics of life, an expansion, a finding, losing, changing and rediscovering my own characteristics, snapshots, possibilities and challenges of everyday life. It is always about finding your own new or lost paths. It is always also the examination of one’s own inner work, one’s own attitudes, role expectations and inner values. It is always about dropping standards or “redefining” previously applicable standards. Here in MoworkArt I present my art, my forms of expression and my engagement with the different topics I encounter in life, which I work on in the form of my pictures, my art.

Every single work of art has to do with myself, my internal arguments, conflicts, contradictions and reconciliations. That’s me, Mo. That’s MoWorkArt.

Those who already follow me on Twitter at @ momogibstnet2 know that I am actively committed to protecting children and adolescents by running a podcast on the subject of traumatized children and adolescents, children and adolescents in inpatient youth welfare with the @kidz_pod . So that my timeline should also know the Mo in MoWorkArt. For those who are new to the site and get to know me anew through my works of art, I wish you a lot of fun discovering Mo, everyone else who knows me can now get to know another facet of me, namely the by the freelance artist Mo from MoWorkArt.