Hold din mund, det er gjort - Shut your mouth it’s done

Hold din mund, det er gjort - Shut your mouth it’s done

Acrylic collage on canvas

Size: 80x80 cm

Technique: Collage with different paper, materials, structures and techniques. Spartula, brush and paint pouring, charocal, oil pastels, wax, marker.

Phsychological violence leaves deep marks on children and youth. Changes in pattern recogniton and association, to experience self-effecacy, to beliefs about oneself and the environment. For me, the effects of psychological violence in child protection are too little taken into account because they cause serious damage on so many levels. The self-protrait, unfortunately, has an impact on motivations, sucesses, drive, self-esteem,… has an influence on lerning behavior, fear, trust, curiosity, … it wold take too lang to depict this here. Gladly in advanced training on the topic of early childhood trauma and their disorders. In my artworks I show often the projections of pictures, images and emotions that arise in me when I work with traumatizied children and youth people.

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