frygt i hjørnet af rummet - fear in the corner

frygt i hjørnet af rummet - fear in the corner

acrylic painting on canvas

size: 50x60 cm

Technique: abstract paintig with spartula, brush, scratches and jackson wax.

Who does not know the fear when you wake up from an asbestos dream and you have the feeling that the fear is in the corner of the room. The shadows in the room, which are otherwise so familiar, which suddenly frighten you and you have to convince yourself with light that the fear is not a physical body in the darkest corner. The feeling that there is someone in the room that can no longer go and the threat is still there in the dark. The fear that the dark might swallow you up in one second. Children who have experienced violence often suffer from nightmares, experience what has been in their dreams again and again and again. And waking up often doesn’t bring them any relief either. The feeling of threat spilled directly into the child’s room and is there again very tangibly, authentically and real. Even we adults do not always succeed in shedding the feeling, children are even less able to do so because they are often anchored in the now.

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